Saturday, May 20, 2017

Questions About the June Holiday Challenges

Dear Pupils,

We are delighted with the interest shown and numbers of questions asked about the June Holiday Challenges. We have decided to come out with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment to ask your common questions.

Q: Can I take a photo with my sibling in school and will we both have the points?
A: No. Each submission will only entitled to one pupils with the points. However, you may submit the same photo again using your sibling's name for the next submission.

Q: Can I take a photo with my neighbours or friends? Must it be strictly taken with my family members?
A: While we encourage you to stay active and eat healthy with your family during the June holiday, we do not mind if you take the photo with your neighbours or friends. Just enjoy your fruits and veggies and be active!

Q: Can I request NOT to have my photos to be shared on the HWS Health blog?
A: Absolutely. Please include (Do Not Show) after your full name during your submission. (For example, Johnny Ang Wei Hao (Do Not Show).

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